What is my Flood Zone?
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Flood Zone Designations


Due to the nature of map scale, accuracy, precision, and spatial and non-spatial data integration, this data may not reflect current and/or accurate conditions. This data was produced from records of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other government agencies. The Flood Zone data provided herein do not reflect revisions to the FIRM by FEMA through the issuance of Letters of Map Revision (LOMR), Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letters of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F).

No warranties, express or implied, are provided for the mapping data provided, or for their use or interpretation by the user. The City of Cape Coral assumes no liability for any damages, losses, costs or expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising from any user’s use or misuse of the mapping data provided herein. Please contact the Planning Division at  (239) 573-3160, for further information.

For properties that are within more than one flood zone or base flood elevation area, the most stringent and/or highest base flood elevation is displayed.

To view the official Flood Insurance Rate Map for your neighborhood, please visit https://msc.fema.gov/portal  to locate a flood map via address.

Federally-backed mortgages require flood insurance for those properties with structures located within an A, AE, or VE Zone.  Flood insurance may be obtained at a preferred rate for properties with structures within an X Zone.