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New Construction: Please check to acknowledge that prior to new service installation, the following requirements will be met:
5/8" = $100.00 1" = $130.00 1.5" (1 1/2") = $255.00 2" = $350.00 Each inch above = $120.00
  • A deposit shall be required for all new utility customers.
  • Deposit Exemptions - A new customer will be exempt from the customer deposit requirement with a written statement from another utility company that previously provided service to the customer, stating that the new customer's account was active for two (2) years AND had a good payment history for a minimum of twelve (12) months.
  • Please provide a copy of the driver license or government issued id for all owners of record.
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I agree to take water, sewer and/or irrigation service from the City of Cape Coral Utilities Division in accordance with the appropriate City ordinance, regulations and rate schedules now in effect and/or superseding ordinance, regulations and rates. I understand that Florida Statute 159:17 provides authority to lien this land or premises for all unpaid water, sewer and/or irrigation service charges until paid, which liens shall be prior to all other liens on such land or premises except the lien of state, county and municipal taxes and shall be on parity with the lien of such taxes. I agree that if this account goes to a Collection Agency for an unpaid balance, I will be responsible for all collection charges.
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