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The Citizen Support Center is the central clearinghouse for requests for information or service.  At the Center, you can request service, view frequently asked questions or search our database for answers to specific questions, or ask your own question. 

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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the Top 10 questions the City receives from online visitors.

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Are landowners required to maintain vacant lots?Code ViolationsView
How do I set up new services (cable, phone, etc.) as a new resident?GeneralView
How long are "precautionary" boil water notices in effect?UtilitiesView
What can I do about an abandoned home and overgrowth?Code ViolationsView
How many dogs/cats are allowed at a single family residence in Cape Coral?Code ViolationsView
Can we park on a vacant lot we own?GeneralView
How can I get a pothole filled?RoadsView
How do I complain about a barking dog?ComplaintsView
Why can boats be parked on a property but not an RV?ComplaintsView